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Keep Smiling Sketch

Posted by atulsharma on March 21st, 2008

“Female Drawing”
Keep Smiling Sketch
Keep Smiling Sketch

Keep Smiling… It’s the second best thing you can do with your lips.

Sketch Details :

Title      :   Keep Smiling
Date      :   2001
Artist    :   Atul Sharma
Material Used  :  HB, 2B Pencil, Color Pencil, Drawing Paper.

11 Responses to “Keep Smiling Sketch”

  1. Arpita :

    Atul…ur work is really good….i really loved them all…
    if u would like to share, wud like to know how do u work on the background and how did u make that fine lines for the eye balls in ur sketch named eyes..

    Once agn u r really good :)

  2. Vidhya :

    Excellent sketches. The eyes have come out particularly well. I love pencil sketches too, and have a little collection in my blog.

  3. HanmerDigital :

    India Art Summit 2008! Be There! :)

  4. ankit :

    friend, i like your collection good keep it up

  5. vinay :

    gud work keep it up!

  6. Pallav :

    Thank u sir it made me smile from my soul.
    And thank u for the Quote:Its 2nd best thing u can do with ur lips.

  7. Bela :

    Great work!

    I like this kind of drawings…you did it by hand and then scanned it rihgt? That’s how I do when it comes to my drawings.

  8. Praveen :

    Hi Atul

    Lastest drawing is really very nice…..Keep doing Gods works….U r blessed..

  9. Dev :

    Nice work bro..
    hey im Dev..
    I want to meet u..n knw more bout ua working style etc.
    please mail me or find me in facebook.

  10. man with a big smile :

    Ok! That’s awesome! But what’s the best thing I can do with my lips????

  11. vijaya :

    its too gd