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Smoking Kills

Posted by atulsharma on February 24th, 2010

If you can’t stop smoking, cancer will.
Smoking Kills
Smoking Kills

Smoking kills. There’s no two ways about it. With every cigarette you smoke, you’re causing damage to your body and health affecting the heart and lungs. Tobacco causes cancer.
It’s never too late to quit and no matter when you quit, your body will thank you for it. Read More about Quit smoking at Smoking Cessation Blog

Sketch Details :

Title : Smoking Kills
Date : February, 2010
Artist : Atul Sharma
Material Used : Charcoal Pencils, HB and 3H Pencil, Pencil Colors (Yellow, Brown, Orange, Black), Drawing Paper.

12 Responses to “Smoking Kills”

  1. arsenal :

    good imagination. but can’t quit smoking :)

  2. Shabeen Mohammed :

    what did u make the smoke with?? it dusnt look like paint.

  3. atulsharma :

    its a pencil sketch. i used 3h pencil for the smoke.

  4. addi :

    Vowwww atul bhai very nice…Its really gud..I liked d filter colour and it seems lik a combo of real cigrette and imaginary soul..Gud man..waiting fr sm new posts

  5. nivas :

    WoW superb.Am gonna use this on ma brother…:)

  6. raktim khatua :

    it truly very sharp imagination

  7. sangeeta :

    really nice can feel and see the pain on man’s face n body…

  8. Samarjit :

    I like the imagination and thinking of quitting it :P

  9. Dev :

    Hi atul bro..
    I like ua work and imagination..
    ua work so.o..great.
    very impressive..
    Supurb.bro.. :-)

  10. Nikhil Sharma :

    Hi Atul,

    Long time….! Just came back to Delhi for couple of days and saw your sketches. Well one thing for sure your imaginations was never bound to mere human boundaries..! With this one you have proved it for sure. I just started clicking on the related links and dammn.. you been busy lately specially the Online Web Publishing.

    My daughter is already a huge fan of Ganesa she is bound to be because that was the first appearance she was made aware of for GOD. She is such a huge fan that she made me print it out and put it on the Mantle.

    Hope you are happy where ever you are. …. with whom so ever you are.. !

    God Bless…!

  11. Nitesh Kumar Sahu :

    Hi Atul Sir, i m inspire of ur painting…..

  12. Katie Cole :

    Hi, I’ve bee trying to quit smoking for a long time now, I go days, often a week and sometimes a couple of months and then give in to the I’ll just have one thought pattern. I have started thinking that if I tattoo a cigarette to my wrist (I’ve always said I would never get a tattoo), it will remind me not to smoke. I love this picture and I want to know how you would feel about me using it as my motivation to never smoke again? Keep up the lovely work.