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Shiva and Ganga

Posted by atulsharma on May 14th, 2007

Shiva Sketch (Black and White Pencil Art)
Shiva Sketch
Sketch Shiva and Ganga

(Lord Shiva to receive Ganga falling from heaven in his matted hair)

Shiva is one of the three main gods in Hinduism. Shiva is known as the destroyer god because he removes all evil from the world. His wife is the goddess Parvati. He has three eyes, the third eye is on his forehead. The Almighty One Who Has Snakes as Ornaments, has a Trident Trishool. Shiva is one third of the Hindu trinity including Brahma and Vishnu. Lord Shiva lives in the Himalayas (Mount Kailash). Ganesha and Kartikeya are his sons. Also known as Shankara, Nataraja, Bholenath, Rudra, Pashupati, Three-Eyed Lord, Eternal God. Read More about Shiva

Sketch Details :

Title : Shiva and Ganga
Date : 2007
Artist : Atul Sharma
Material Used : 8B, HB, and 2H Pencils, Drawing Paper A3 Size.

65 Responses to “Shiva and Ganga”

  1. Jullie :

    Hi ,

    Atul ,

    Your sketches are very very good . Though iam also interested in sketches .Never ever done any classes but my passion for sketch is alive . I liked your all the sketch specially Ash .
    I like your spirit .

  2. Deepti Nagaraj :

    The sketch of Lord Shiva is the most beautiful sketch I have ever seen.
    It is beyond words and your work truly captivates all the essence of the lords magnetism.
    I am very impressed, keep up the good work.

  3. Rohan Prashar :

    may GOD SHIVA bless you

    dude this is the most beautiful sketch i have ever seen

    ur work is incredible, this picture has given me inner peace
    i am short of words , i cant explain how beautiful it is .
    really really beautiful. god has given u immense talent
    carry on brother.

  4. spark :

    hi atul can we used ur image for some commercial use … we just need ur permission.

    hope u will dnt mind

    waiting fr reply

  5. Chandu :

    Hi Atul,
    This is Chandu from Andhra. Your sketch of lord siva is very amazing. i liked so much. The magic of ur hand made it the real. if u dont mind can you please send me some of your sketches of siva? My profile iam bachelor completed MBA(IT) from manipal university. this is my mail id. *******. if u r interested please contact.

    Thank you.

  6. ankita :

    amazin expression!!!

  7. great work man! go ahead :

    great work,i would like to appreciate ur works. u have got good patience which is necessary to get a result like this

  8. Himagni :

    Giving an expression to “the absolute” is possible only when you realize it.

    Wish you immense of strength, go ahead.


  9. Mukesh :

    Amazing sketch of Lord Shiva. The expression of the eyes are that of Shambhavi mudra. Your sketch is very beautiful and lively. Thanks for making such a sketch. Wish you all the best.


  10. sunil :

    hello atul…i dint know that you are such a great artist too…pics are rea great…god bless you…

  11. Bhagwati :

    This sketch of Lord Shiva was what I was searching for .God speaks through your talent.

  12. SRIITA :

    Atul, GOOd JOb, I fall in love with this Shiva, REal shiva.Thank U For ur job. GOOd LUCK.

  13. AMIT :

    Hello atul vry nice and real picture…….and i hav nt enough word 2 say about ur vry beautiful painting…….
    keep it up……..

  14. priyanka :

    i dont kno is der ny sort of magic in ur hands, actually i ws jus goin thru d sketches n i found dis one its jus awesum actually appreciation is undefined for dis one !! d linings d finishing d shades all r so perfect im nt a artist nor do i kno mch abt dis bt ny one cn judge hw good you r in dis art thru ur designs!!!!!!! hope u keep on doing dis stuffs n continue!
    n evn in gonna try to do one of ur designs!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    hope u read dis comment n do reply bck 2 me!!!!!
    til den tc ! adieus!!!!!!!

  15. DenYo :

    Atul you can draw or what?…this is a really great picture…

  16. khushboo :

    hi atul, this sketch is just amazing and so beautiful…
    i am surely gonna try this atleast for my satisfaction whether it turns out to be gud or not thats different.
    u r so gud…..

  17. kp :

    beautiful! extraordinary !!!
    Been searching for such works . And u’ve done gr8.

  18. peri :

    boss this is too good i want to get it tattooed on my back …nice one man….got any similar one

  19. krishna :

    xcellent we are sivas saints or people who worship shiva

  20. nijoo :

    bam mahdev
    loved your shiva sketch would love to see a sketch of bholenath with beard and moustache
    you are blessed
    om namo narayan

  21. Sushil :

    Hey Atul,

    Truly Amazing work of Lord Shiva!!! the face is very graceful!!!


  22. saurav :


    keep it up…the face is amazin…inspirational….

    BBBBoooooooooMMMMMM SSSSShhhhaaaannnnkkkkkkkaaaaaaaRRRRRRRR !!!!!!!

  23. Ameeth :

    WOW…mesmerizing sketch….best of Lord Shiva I have ever seen.

    Atul…you are a genius.

  24. shiva :



    I will say you prove ur name through your sketch.
    Jai ShivShanker

  25. dinesh1201 :

    This is awesome. Can’t explain but I Loved it extremely..

  26. Anand :

    PHENOMENAL!!!! beyond words. these are the only words that can describe this painting.

  27. PJ :

    Hi Atul,

    Your drawings are phenomenonal….Can u do me a favour???? Can you draw my gf’s sketch?????? Please


  28. Ajay :

    Me again,

    I guess you are driven by animate objects – thats fine, but you should really do a lot more inanimate objects as well. Look at the Trishul there – I have never seen anything better sketched in my life. Same for the feline skin donned by Shiv ( we need to get over the Anglicized versions of our own Gods). In as far as the animate objects are concerned – even the cobra needs some life, lets leave it at that.


  29. Abhinav :

    Hi Atul,

    For now I bow to you and not shiva. I have no words to say. I love you.Shiva is in your blood.
    I thank u for drawing such a lively sketch of Lord Shiva. you are great.

    Jai Shiv Shankar!

  30. KIRAN :

    Jai Shiv Shankar JAI BHOLE BOOM

  31. Ruchi :

    It’s really fantastic, mindblowing arts which make me crezy. Thank you for your creation. I love the god Shiva and God bless you,

  32. Rajitha :

    Hi Artul Iam Rajitha Orissa Your Painting is Very nice

  33. Shailendra :


    It’s really fantastic, mindblowing arts which make me crezy. Thank
    you for your creation.

  34. Arsento :

    Very interesting and amusing subject. I read with great pleasure.

  35. anuj shrestha :

    thanks for the sketch.
    guess what???
    i gat the tattoo on my back pal. keep it up.

  36. atulsharma :

    thats great.. wud love to see that tatoo.. can u get a snap of tatoo and mail me plz..

  37. Lauren :

    This drawing is absolutely beautiful! Truly divine, isn’t Shiva beautiful??
    Please keep drawing!!

  38. Felipe :

    Oi Atul..

    você poderia me enviar um email para a gente entrar em contato?

    gostaria de saber se eu poderia fazeruma tattoo desse desenho.

    Note: This comment is in Portuguese. English Translation below:

    Hi Atul..
    you could send me an email for us to contact?

    I wonder if I could do a tattoo of that design.

  39. vicky :

    amazing sketch of shiva. really a masterpiece ..
    jai bhole shankar

  40. Sandeep M M :

    Pencil do miracle man, u worked hard on it.


    ur sketchis are wonderful i like lord shiva’s picture

  42. vikas bharadwaj :

    hey i like this shiva pick do you have more pic of shiva and kali

    then please tell me.

  43. vikas bharadwaj :

    and one thing frankly that i don’t trust you that this pic is created by you please dont mind haaaa

  44. litton :

    nice sketch. I have never seen this. god shiva blessing u.

  45. mania :


  46. nidhi :

    will u marry me atul?

  47. Neeraj Vasudeva :

    pretty impressive work. Keep it up

  48. Ashwani Sanwal :

    Hi Atul Sir,

    I am amazed. One of the favorite sketch among all.

    Keep it up !!

  49. Vijay Shetty :

    Really good ! i will take agiant print out of this!

  50. balachandra :

    Hi Atul, I am very glad to see this sketch which has been my wall paper for almost 3 years now. I want to know why there are shades of pink. Is it because of white balance issues. Can you mail a copy that is better? I mean properly scanned. Hopefully I am not demanding

  51. prince singh :

    nice work dude …superlike
    jai mahakaal..bhole nath…

  52. Manisha :

    Hi Atul,

    This is one of the best, no actually the best Shiva sketch i have ever seen. I know that these sketches are not for sale, but can i take a Print Out of it & get it framed. I hope i’m not demanding much.


  53. Harshith Raj :

    Dude ua damn gud.. Jai bolenath…

  54. kanishk :

    dude dats my wallpaper thanx a lot !
    ya 2 months after m gettin this tattoed :D
    super awesome !! srsli :)

  55. Pradeep :

    This is the true description of God Rudra Deva…..! Inspired

  56. kiran :

    dear sir,
    I am a big fan of Lordshiva and ur painting is so amasing that i am inspired to get it tattooed

    thanks for a beautiful version of Lord Shiva

  57. Rahul :

    Really vry lovly sketches plz join me on fbuk ma id
    yaaar i also skectchs and i am learning animation too so plz join md guys..!!

  58. Dhanya :

    your art is divine….

  59. Ajaz khan :

    I Love Shiva

  60. lokesh deshmukh :

    Hi atul i luv your sketch and i done tatoo on my chest of this shiva sketch u roxs man keep it up.

  61. sabuhi bansal :

    hey, your lord shiva sketch is really amazing…..keep up the good work!!!!

  62. suraj j patel :

    Liked it soooo much that i got it tatooed, impressed

  63. ronak :

    lord Shiva,is one god for whom i have high spritual respect and i see this kind of canvas it is divine, excellent job!!!!

  64. Atul Agrawal :

    hi atul,

    your sketches are very brilliant. my name is also atul and i am also interested in making drawings, sketches and paintings

  65. mohit sah :

    hi atul,

    Most beautiful sketch i ever seen of shiva….It is that much beautiful i can stop myself for copying it…