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Girl On Boat

Posted by atulsharma on April 24th, 2007

Landscape Art

Sketch Details :

Title      :   Girl On Boat
Date      :   March 22nd, 2002
Artist    :   Atul Sharma
Material Used  :  Colour Pencil ( Black ), HB and 6B Pencils, Non-Dust Eraser, Paper A3 Size ( 16.54” x 11.69” ).

12 Responses to “Girl On Boat”

  1. Ishika :

    Nice Sketches…………

  2. sneha :

    i guess this is the best one
    too gud yaar

  3. vibha :

    shading of trees is vry gud n a man in a boat far away is beautiful

  4. asha :

    its jus beautiful.
    expresses the deeplove of a girl who is waiting for her love.

  5. Dawna :

    This is really good work. It is beautiful to see the woman surrounded by a lush Indian landscape that is so well composed and rendered.

  6. Suchitra :

    the shading is perfect…..really really good work….

  7. Ganesh :

    Excellent Work. I wish God to give me such talent to make a fine pencil drawing…

  8. sonali :

    Atul its damn gud.. u were a artist I didnt knew

  9. Linda Newman :

    Oh my god you are so talented and i love your sketches, your got a great talent for this and you are very good at what you do, Keep going hope to see you at the art gallery in Land from down under “”Australia”” one day But your got to come to melbourne as it a beutiful city as i took someone recently around melbourne and they could not beleive the ocean we have here and beutiful scenery and they said it was a once in a lifetime memory and a good exprience for them, so hopefully you might come to a Gallery in Melbourne Australia someday soon i hope! Keep up the good work and will keep a look out for your new sketches!

  10. varsha :

    marvallous….i also luv sketching…!!

  11. vanita :

    very nice sketch……….i have no words to say………it’s outstanding,exellent.
    i also like sketching

  12. shailee :

    awsm sketch