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Lord Krishna

Posted by atulsharma on March 6th, 2009

Lord Krishna Sketch
lord krishna sketch
Krishna Art

Lord Krishna Reference Image
Krishna is a deity worshipped across many traditions in Hinduism in a variety of perspectives. While many Vaishnava groups recognize him as an avatar of Vishnu, other traditions within Krishnaism consider Krishna to be the Supreme Being.

The stories of Krishna appear across a broad spectrum of Hindu philosophical and theological traditions. They portray him in various perspectives: a god-child, a prankster, a model lover, a divine hero and the Supreme Being. The principal scriptures discussing Krishna’s story are the Mahābhārata, the Harivamsa, the Bhagavata Purana and the Vishnu Purana. Read More about Krishna

Sketch Details :

Title    : Lord Krishna
Date    : March, 2009
Artist : Atul Sharma
Material Used   : Charcoal Pencils, HB, 6B Pencil, Yellow Sketch Pen, Pencil Colors (Green, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Red, Brown, Pink), Ball Point Pen (Black, Red, Green), Chalk, Drawing Paper.

21 Responses to “Lord Krishna”

  1. Susan :

    Beautiful…love it. Great work Atul.

  2. kunal :


  3. Pallav :

    On the Eve of celebrating Lord RAM’S Rearrival to his hometown.
    You made us not to forget our Lord KRISHNA-The Nutkhat Nandlal.
    Thank you for your creative art, especially for the Jewels and the vision which is reflecting from his eyes.

  4. Dawna :

    You have really portrayed a beautiful image of Sri Krishna. Really nice work, and so nice to see you added the colored pencils. Keep on making art!

  5. ads :

    excellent bhaijaan……….colours ne jaan daal di part i like jewellery ..but if i have to cut some marks den i wud say jst fr cuting marks ..ok,,,below ur sign u shud cover dat all dark…may b dat part is nt making d grace..par bhai ur d inspiration overall…i luved it…maine b ek rough kurt cobain add kiya hai..its nt gud but plz just watch…m in kerla nw days..bye

  6. sandeep pathania :

    Hi,Nice work dear Especially coloured jewellary . but area in my view which had to be improved is face which is bit mature and lack bit childish look remember your fresh work is always compared with your best so keep improving, good luck and take it as compliment

  7. subraja :

    great work…

  8. ramya :

    hi atul this is ramya ur drawings are simply superb

  9. ramya :

    iam waiting for ur next picture

  10. ajai :

    good pencil sketch

  11. Shadowalker :

    Lord krishna is looking cute… beautiful drawing atul

  12. Riihima :

    I wanted to thank you for this great Krishna painting. I surely liked every little bit of it.

  13. atulsharma :

    Thanks Ajai, Shadowalker and Riihima :)

  14. tharsatee :

    very nice krish………..

  15. pratiksha :

    Namaste Atul ji! I am Pratiksha from Mauritius. I am an art student i really want to make such good drawing like yours one day! really great work!All the best and good luck for the future!

  16. Nalini Ranjan :

    Extremely beautiful, i like it

  17. Linda Newman :

    I Know i have written a comment at the bottom of one of your other pictures, but now i have had the chance to see all and they are brilliant, I hope you are doing something good with that talent, as your talent is so wonderful as you express it in your skecthes and you have got a great future there if you want it and i hope you are doing something with talent like this, no matter what Atul, people may try and copy these as i have also read on some of the comments on the bottom of the eye pic, but remember you will always be the original artist and you cant beat that! As a good artist will come up with an original, not a copy of someone eles work and that just what you are is an original and no matter what people say there might be jealous of your work and to use a fake name like a person did! That’s not brave that was gutless of them to bag you like that as they hide behind their PC! Thank you very much for allowing and sharing the time with me on facebook and then allowing me to come and have a look at what your about, beyond f/b and sharing your private collection and believe you me your one great artist! I will be back to keep looking for more! Hope to see your collection in an art gallery in Melbourne Autralia! Linda.

  18. anuja :

    nice one

  19. Dev :

    Great work bro..
    Love ua creativity..
    Im also drawing bt nt like u..
    U r awsme..
    Great work.

  20. Vijaya :

    hey atul. I love to sketch too..I have just started a bit of sketching with HB pencil. Your work is like an inspiration to me..brilliant work..I hope i could learn a little from you :) Keep Sketching!!

  21. Suryakarun :

    Hi Atul,

    Awesome sketch of Sri Krishna…… Continue uploading more pics.