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EYE Sketch

Posted by atulsharma on March 21st, 2007

“ An eye for eye only ends up making the whole world blind ”
Eye Sketch
Eye Sketch

Reference Image Eye

Sketch Details :

Title      :   Eye Sketch
Date      :   2004
Artist    :   Atul Sharma
Material Used  :  Color Pencils ( Black and Brown ), HB and 6B Pencils, Drawing Paper.

48 Responses to “EYE Sketch”

  1. Hitesh :

    Hi Atul

    You Have done great Job. Your work is quite impressive.

    I love your eye sketch. Your work is brillent.

    Keep it up. Best of luck and god bless you.

  2. pragya jain :

    all the best Atul…
    ur sketches are wonderful. awesome……and much more….
    hats-off to you……….
    never stop sketching…..
    keep going.

  3. Alwin :

    Amazing work yaar, God bless you. Ur ‘eye’ for detail is brilliant. Keep up the good work.

  4. aina :

    atul you have done a brilliant piece of work….
    keep it up!
    may God bless u..

  5. swathy :

    very nice sketches very impressive acually loved ur eye…..rock on dude!!!

  6. Jessica Whitworth :

    atul, u r brill. that eye is amazing. u are ab. fab. luv ur art work. but that other sketch of urs wasnt good. it was HORRIBLE. this one was okay tho. but im only giving u credit for ur art for TRYING. nothing else. i dont think ur good. ur bad. bad bad bad bad. i m a PRO at art.i have 5 majors. HA! i am amazing. u suk. hahaha. did u think i was gonna compliment u? Puh-lease. if u did, well gurl (or boy, u probably r both, haha) GET A LIFE, AND A CLICK BAK IN2 REALITY!!!!!!!!!! u r NOT good. u are veary veary bad. okay? get that drilled into your head. and get a life. u r horrible horrible. u are disgusting. and i know. i had a chance 2 personaly meet u. heck, ive been best friends w/u for ages. adn guess what?? the name at the top isnt mine, the address isnt mine either. so, guess who i am. k atty??????
    well, HATE U,
    and ttyl,
    Jess (im good eh, i can think of n e name as i can. hahahah) if u find out who i am, PUH-LEASE let me know adn hate me.
    ur significant h8r

  7. Atul Sharma :

    Hi Jessica or whatever ur name is…
    its for the first time i m replying for a comment here (at my comments page), coz i reply personally to everyone who comments.
    its bcoz i cant mail u coz i think that ur mail id is as correct as the name u have used. But i m sure that you will come again to check that i approved your comment or not and will also read this.
    I just wanted to thank u for ur comment or whatever u have written. i appreciate what you have written coz atleast u said what you want to and what you feel. And Sorry i was not able to guess who you are.
    Thanks Again…

    Atul Sharma

  8. kanwaljit singh rathore :

    hi atul
    ihave seen ur sketch,s.this eye is the most impressive one.
    As a sketcher myself i really wanna know how u made those lines in eye ball.please give me the tips.

  9. Neha Sharma :

    u hv made dis ordinary eye extra ordinary….wid ur brillent skill of shading around the pupil….

  10. rozina :

    hey d eye is really gud………… as if it has a lot in itself 2 say……………. as if it has got life……… superb….. grt goin !!!!!!!! keep it up………….

  11. Hannah :

    I’m doing a project thingy on eyes and senses atm but I’m having trouble taking a photo of my eye (or anyone elses eye for that matter) in enough detail. Your drawing is awesome I was just wondering if you used a photo and if so how did you capture the detail?
    Thankyou and keep up the goodwork xxxxxx

  12. varsha :

    i think out of al other sketches this one was toooooooooooooooooooo good.i love sketching especially eyes…….everythng is perfect in this sketch.i wnt 2 c more beautiful girls sketches wid diffrent colour of hair n eyes.thank u

  13. Susie :

    Your work is amazing! I do love the eye, and the detail!

  14. Niks :

    Hi Atul..just like everybody said, damn good sketch.
    I always luvd making sketches but i never luvd any sketch so much…
    I m getting lot of compliment for the sketch i’ve cheated from ur sketchs, They are not as fine as urs but i think, i made a good try. I wish, i cud ever show u my drawings. May be that won’t matter to u but i wud like to share 50% of the compliments with u i have got.
    One last thing…Ur reply to Jessica was awesome,really appreciate that.
    Keep making good sketches so that i can copy them and get more n more number of compliments ;)

  15. Kishore.s :


    atul or whatever ur name !

    I much more like ur sketch, and I want sketch someone’s eyes but I couldnt success in it. any way all the best and keep it up.

    Kishor sahare.

  16. Marlene :

    hello! omg! i lover ure ” it lookz really kewl :] i’m 12 and just gotten enterested in drawing! mi eye look as good as ures although i’m still learing how to shade :D well ummm your shadeing tought me alot! i have to learn from the internet :[ i’m really good :D i hope to be as good as u ;]

  17. Sahare :

    Hi atul bhai,

    where from u ? I dont need, but i want know my brother is which state ! bhai ur sketch is marvelous and where from learning these, please draw my eyes once, i greatful if u do !
    wish u all the best, make new historic sensation in near

  18. Mawra :

    Nice work.

  19. vijay :

    I coud’t get words to say.I LOVE YOUuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

  20. Rose :

    hey i love sketch’s and when i was searching for the eye sketch i saw this it’s the most beautiful eye i have ever seen in my life its full of life and its a sketch but its so colorful for me. i love this sketch ur a very good artist….

  21. Sjow :

    hi, Atul

    have to make a connection of knowledge.

    His works are of extreme sensitivity, congratulations!


  22. Janki :

    Marvalous work atul… itni detail mein sketch draw kiya hai… cool

  23. janelle :

    hey, idk u but i absolutely love your picture! its amazing…my favorite thing to draw is the eye of any animal…or human…i look up to you and ur work. KEEP SKETCHING!
    janelle fehrman

  24. saranya :

    wow! awesome work…. I always love to draw eyes in my pictures.. and this one made me spellbound! great work!!

  25. prajakta :

    amazing sketch man…..jus love it…m gr8 fan of eye sketches…..plzzz.put on sum more along wid tips 4 me

  26. bal.g :

    Just came across ur art gallery and thought it was fantastic!!!! I was completely taken aback by ur capture of Lord Shiva. WOW!!!! The eye is amazing and u seem to instll so much passion into ur work—well done.

  27. miley cyrus :

    omg this is the most beautiful eye i have ever seen, thak you for sharing it to the world.

  28. Neha S :

    It is reeeally vryyy beautiful……

  29. upali :

    this eye speaks a thousand words …..sometimes questioning,somtimes answering,sometimes lonely….sometimes seeking…and many more .your sketches are full of life .sometimes colours distract us from the real feel of a sketch and that you have amazingly overpowered by using shades of grey…..need i say more???????

  30. Aiswarya Baskaran :

    This is amazing Atul, I can’t really take my eye off this eye. The brown shade at the very end and the intricate detailing to the pupil of the eye makes it a masterpiece….You have an amazing talent keep going…You will reach your goal

  31. neetu :

    good job atul.. but dnt u think the thick black portion like eye liner taking away the realism supposed to be in this one. but whatever truly a master piece coz the more the closer details of work more difficult to get it real

  32. neetu :

    atul m expressing my views like a layman. if any of comments hurts plz excuse. but u r truly good n i wish ki from good u enter into the blessed ones category. so next time try a different kind of rendering. add varieties all the time.a new form of rending or something which makes everyone to go ga ga over u..
    all the best buddy..
    will wait to hear more from you but only through news papers n t.v like a successful artist.
    god bless u

  33. Nalin :

    dude……i must say,
    you have got a god gift and your art is just insane and dramatically beautiful…….!!

    Your all sketches are mind blowing and simply masterpiece….
    bt this one…..its completely amazing……!!
    I stared continuously at this eye for about 15min….!!
    Its really beautiful…!
    I am really a fan of you….!!

  34. seeba :

    i liked the shadow which was on the pupil………as if it was trying to reflect something!!!!!!!!!
    jus one word”awesome”
    keep up the good work
    all the best
    god bless!!!!!!!

  35. Naziha :

    that’s amazinggggggggg work atul i loved it :) ,, well i used to draw but i stop everytime i get angry or busy but im trying ma best to do some more work now adays

    Goodluck :)

  36. Nidhi :

    Stunning work! really impressed with your detailings… Just too good. Keep it up!

  37. naresh :

    hi atul
    U r incredible, simply amazing. this sketch feels me relaxed. and am sorry i saw ur post at the community eyes of the world n i thought it was just some other eye n i didnt know y u posted there.

    but seeing it in big picture i simply loved it, and no words to explain.

    i wish u all the bright future in the world.

  38. waffles :

    hey atul.. hm.. nice name,, original. anyways, just wanted to say that your sketch is pretty good, pretty damn good! haha well rock on! and by the way, i loved how you answered to that girl Jessica or whatever that said bad stuff about your sketch… i would’ve cussed her out but i think your way is much better, haha.. nice character… you know, you can’t fight hate with hate, Martin Luther King Jr. said something like that.. he rocks. anyways. i’m drifting off the topic haha… hm.. oh yeah well keep on drawing, never stop no matter what!

  39. Suchitra :

    have to say….its exquisite…..
    its the kind of work that makes u look at it and every detail of it in a complete sense of awe…..u have a great talent ya….

  40. navin :

    fantastic & marvelous.

    you have a wonderful art of making a paper realistic & magnificent image.

    loved it… and hats off..

    its way to perfection mate…
    i’d like to see your best sketches, which you think are best of yours [:)]

    5 out of 5 Ratings for such a nice work .

    take care.


  41. Shiks :

    Dear Atul,

    I’ve been doing sketches myself for years and have come across many many talented artists so far.
    It’s not what u draw but what u see n capture from ur eyes is what matters.I must say I was running short of time as usual, when I chanced upon one of ur sketches and well, I HAD to stop! Ur technique is brilliant and so is the intelligence to hide away the flaws,if any.Keep up the good work and keep sharing (thats more important).

  42. Pooja M :

    simply great….dnt have ny words to express….it is just awesome… keep it up…with best wishes and regards, Pooja

  43. Sujay Chakraborty :

    U r great great Atul. Keep it up buddy.

  44. SAN$ :

    A Breath Taking Creation… Buddy…
    It really inspires me more…
    Excellent creation…
    The perect balance between black and white… thick and thin lines…
    I couldn’t take my eyes off…


  45. pooja :

    all your sketches were awesome!!!!!!
    i guess your handwriting might be too beautiful…right???
    i love to see neat handwritings
    sorry..!!if u dont mind i actually wanted to know whether u r a student or a proffessional artist
    coz u r really good artist….
    after looking at your art i am missing my drawing sir…
    all the best!


  46. veena :

    your shiva sketch was mind blowing!!!!!
    i will try it

    good luck

  47. Hannah :

    Hey ur work is sooo good! i wish i could draw that well!!

  48. pooja kushwaha :

    i liked the shadow which was on the
    pupil………as if it was trying to reflect
    jus one word”awesome ”
    keep up the good work
    all the best
    god bless!!!!!!!

    :-):-) i also try to do all these drawing !!!!!
    one word:- maaaaaassssssssstttttt h ……..