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    The Sketches on Atul's Art Gallery are not for Sale. So please don't ask for their price and don't make an offer.
    I don't do sketching to make money.
    All of the Artwork shown here is done by Atul Sharma and this website is only for display purpose.


Sketch Gallery

Pencil sketches, Drawings, Portraits, Greeting Cards and Charcoal sketches by Atul Sharma.
Click On an Image Below To View Its Details :

Ganesha Female Sketch Sushmita Sen Sketch Waiting For You
Shree GaneshaThoughts Of YouSushmita Sen |   Waiting For You

Landscape Art Eye Sketch Sketch Flying High
Girl On Boat     |     An EYE Sketch   |    Flying High

Kajol Devgan Sketch Fatal Beauty Sketch Shiva Kids Sketch
Kajol Devgan Fatal Beauty   |   Shiva Sketch  |    Going Alone

Anticipating Love Sketch Girl Sketch Sketch In Search of Lost Time Aishwarya Rai Sketch
Anticipating Love Lost In Eternal |   InSearch |   Aishwarya Rai

Aishwarya Rai Portrait Lady In Red Sketch Aishwarya Rai Girl Portrait
Aishwarya Rai Lady In Red Aishwarya RaiGirl Portrait

The Patriot Painting Pencil Sketch Om Ganesha New Year Greeting Card
The Patriot |   Eternal Love |   Om Ganesha |   Flowers Greeting Card

Keep Smiling Sketch Smoking Kills
Keep Smiling       |               Smoking Kills

Lord Krishna
Lord Krishna

49 Responses to “Sketch Gallery”

  1. Madhura :

    awsome creativity man!! keep it up!!

  2. srilakshmi :

    Hi, Really goodones, superb. All the best for your future.
    Good Keep it up.

  3. VJ :


    I liked eye sketch very much. Detail works is excellent!!!

  4. nishika :

    ohh!! itz beautiful! itz very beautiful!! i wish i had.. just 10 % of what you have..
    you have done great job !!

  5. annu :

    hi atul ur all works r so gud keep it up n all th best

  6. r!mii :

    hey dude itz really kwel…
    keep it up….
    well the eye‘ is really kwel…!!

  7. fakeha :

    the work is absolutely incredible!!
    ur a true natural!all the best for you man coz u sure rock!!

  8. yam! :

    Hey Dude.
    How is life? cool??..Like a gulab ka phool!!!Great Sketch…Do keep it up!! I appreciate ur innovative Sketchs.

  9. soujanya :

    hey nice work dude..
    keep it up..

  10. surendra :

    really gr8 man …keep it up …god bless u

  11. lovely narang :

    hi atul….
    u r really a creative person..
    u r no comparison boy..actually no one can compete u…bye

  12. div :

    i liked that eye really very much.. it is very lively..

  13. sneha :

    hey ur sketches r just awesome
    ur sketch of eye is just too gud
    if only that eye cud speak it wud tell u hw beautiful that sketch is

  14. RAJASREE :


  15. ratna :

    fantastic,simply the best.
    keep it up

  16. Praveen :

    your sketches are absolutely fantastic man. Think you are a student of arts. what material you are using to create these.

  17. Vikas :

    Great Shiva sketch

    keep it up!!

  18. nishugoyal :

    wow .. ur sketches rocks,// i have friend at orkut who is looking for comics illustrators.. check him out if u r interested.

  19. Asmita :

    hey Atul…..awesome work…..keep it up Dude!!!

  20. VIPIN :

    hi atul sir…
    u r simply AWESOME>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> KEEP IT UP>>
    ALL DA best…….

  21. sirisha :

    awsome work! keep it up! i loved every sketch..especially ‘the eye’ is too good!

  22. Shuchi :

    hav not seen such a work of art since a long time

  23. Kunal :

    Keep Adding new sketches… Waiting for more..

  24. Gargi :

    hey nice wk, I dnt kno u but just thought of giving u some sincere feedback as u seem to have talent, the ‘eye sketch‘ is really good, detailed and fine, but, why the ‘waiting gal‘ is waiting with her hand on her head is not clear, she looks distressed not really waiting, the ‘fatal beauty‘ is nt at all fatal. the sketch ‘thoughts of u‘ is just ok. ‘the gal on the boat‘ is again rather good the figure of a gal is good, and shows that u hav obseravtion skills, but same u have not displayed in ‘flying high‘, there figure of the girl is not very perfect, which shows your incosistency…the painting of the boy going alone is good, but the face that u hav given to the boy is very comman, u could have given some nice features to him, some sharp features. in ‘Anticipating love‘ the position in which the gal is sitting is not possible for a normal person to sit in… shows that u dnt observe enough in human beings and u need to have study of human postures…, your sketches of Aishwarya are very amateur kind, while at many places u show the talent, it seems u need a lot of grooming, u shd come out of the folds of being an ameteur painter, if u want to take the sketching and painting thing seriously. anyway the sketch of Shiva is pretty good. and the best sketch here is ‘the girl portrait‘. natural and beautyful. u should observe and study the paintings of some great painters,do u kno the story of ‘da vinchi’ who actually dug the graves and took measurements of the dead bodies because he wanted his paintings to be perfect in all aspects?

  25. Gargi :

    the patriot painting is truly childish, and when u make a sketch of dancing couple find out as much as possible about dance, positions, moves, and thn create a sketch, here sketch as an amateur artist is ok… but thn u hav to decide what u want to be, and where u want to go.

  26. Khushi :

    My name is khushi and I am from australia, as I was just passing by and wanted to say that I love your shiva sketch most. That is is sooo beautiful, no words to epxlaine…..

  27. Neha Sharma :

    omg ur work is fabulous………..m very much intrested in pencil sketching……but not gud as u…..
    is tht ol ur work……or sm of them….m really impresed wid dis………..i mean its just too good………

  28. sandeep :

    very nice creativity.. keep it up.. best of luck,.

  29. Abhijeet :

    awesome creativity…
    keep going on..
    All the best…

  30. Jaweed :

    Hey Atul..!! Excelent Sketches.. Keep up the good work.

  31. mayank :

    hii atul!
    it was a pleasure going through the sketches gallery!
    you do it really well man!
    i am kinda beginner so was searching for a few pieces to practise with!

    well all the best for the future!
    keep it up!

  32. neha :

    hello, superb keep it upp well all the best for the future i am big fan for you.ok bye and keep it upp

  33. ShivMallik :

    What an eye for detail! if only I could send you memory of my visions..

  34. ads :

    HI bro,..d work is always so appreciatable with lots of learning experience but y dil mange more with d spirit to touch sky…tk care n fly high.

  35. rainy :

    u hve such a great drawing skills i hve no words to express it
    awesome work

  36. rainy :

    specially i like that eye sketch very much

  37. shea :

    you’re very good, love the way you draw the girls

  38. leafless :

    I wish I have your talent. Your sketches are amazing. I like “An Eye” the most.



  40. c.s.prasad :

    gangavatharanam is morveles..simply super..


  41. c.s.prasad :

    wonderful work..

  42. Dr. Abhay Kr :

    Dear atul,

    your sketchs are really fantastic. . . . . .
    Keep it continue. . .

  43. Ajeet :

    Atul, you are mighty talented, I am really impressed with your sketches. Keep it up man!

  44. riya :

    hello man….
    fabulous work….
    keep doing….
    good luck….

  45. ishant :

    hiiiii …
    nice work
    if u r confused who i m then take refrence from m*******i di…
    baijnath kb aaoge…????

  46. Richa :

    hi yaar …i simply liked ur work.
    u knw something i am also a good painter.
    plz contact me plz.plz.

  47. Ronnie :

    heyaaa dude…

    u’ve got a lot o talnt….i raly liked ur “Shiva” portrait…
    ROCK ON!!!

  48. Beth :

    Hi, I really like your work it’s really elegant and beautiful. I’m doing an artist study on your work for my GCSE art coursework. Keep it up :)

  49. Manish Angrish :

    Hi bhai,

    its completly MINDBLOWING,SUPERB,FABULOUS………………

    I’m feeling proud being your brother.
    Excellent work. Keep it up !