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    The Sketches on Atul's Art Gallery are not for Sale. So please don't ask for their price and don't make an offer.
    I don't do sketching to make money.
    All of the Artwork shown here is done by Atul Sharma and this website is only for display purpose.



Pencil Art, Portrait and Drawings

by Atul Sharma

Ganesha Art

“Shri Ganeshaye Namah”

Ganesa is the lord of beginning, he is worshiped by devotees of other Hindu deities – of Siva, Visnu, the Goddess – either as the initiator of path to these deities or as the direct road to mundane goals and success. He is also worshiped by some as the primary god (istadevata). His cult has its own texts, such as the Ganesa Purana, where he is presented as the all- encompassing cosmic deity. He functions in many contexts as I have mentioned – that of lord of beginnings, cosmic deity, and child of Parvati and Siva.

Start from Ganesa and work from there in an unbroken line to almost any aspect.

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