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Shades Of Grey Wherever I Go … The More I Find, The Less I Know

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    The Sketches on Atul's Art Gallery are not for Sale. So please don't ask for their price and don't make an offer.
    I don't do sketching to make money.
    All of the Artwork shown here is done by Atul Sharma and this website is only for display purpose.


Guest Book

Welcome to my Guest Book!
atul sharma
Please let me know that you stopped by and tell me what you think about my work. Enter your Comments, any Suggestions and Feedback in the space below at the bottom of the page, and click the “Submit Comment” button.

ThanksP for visting.

Atul Sharma

109 Responses to “Guest Book”

  1. Anu :

    Your work is superb!
    Accidently got to ur site. Keep up the good work :)

  2. srilakshmi :

    Hi Atul, ur works are superb. Keep going.

  3. chitra :

    Hi Atul,
    I am fascinated by the way the colour red is used so effectively with the greys and browns. They make the drawings absolutely stunning.

  4. Gajji :

    Hey Dude,

    Wen did u upload this beautiful collection! Its beautiful!!!!!!!!!
    Especially the pic titled “anticipating love
    n once i browsed thru I was overwhelmed with joy.
    Keep it up.

    Lots of Love,

  5. Surender :

    Hi Atul,

    Its ROCKING……n u toooo……….man.


    Keep goin…[:)]

  6. Kunal :

    Yaar tussi great ho

  7. Nikhil :

    Congratulations Atul for touching the landmark of 10,000. Keep up the excellent work!

  8. kartikeya :

    Hi sir……….
    awesome..jst wanted 2 be in ur guest book….splendid workkkkkenjy….n waiting for a lot more of them..
    take care

  9. shruti :

    hey very nice and good work!!keep it up!!and god will help u in all ur efforts and give u all the blessing which r required!!!

  10. Kunal :

    Meri Photo kab bana raha hai Dost [:)]

  11. GazzyB :

    Hey Atul,

    U r a Diamond n ur art work is d reflection of ur feelings.

    God bless u.

  12. deepshikha :

    Simply qwesome..!! keep going.. God will help u attain gr88 heights..!!
    Best wishes..!!

  13. naval :

    love u

  14. naval :

    love u………..

  15. naval :

    let me b like u…………..

    just for one day……….

    i want to paint my love……….

  16. vinil :

    hei great work. u have great eye for detail. keepit up.

  17. sandeep :

    hey man outstanding work.. your every painting speaks yaar.. itz simply superb, awesome. every sketch are gud but i like that “IN SEARCH OF LOST TIME” most… hey can u draw :- a man walking towards sun, towards horizon…

  18. Herleen :

    Excellent!! should definitely grab a chance to learn from you.

  19. Cleopatra :

    Hey do u have a magic paint n brush? [:-)]

    Ur paintings look alive…..wonderful.I’m ur fan.Luv u…

  20. Tifany :

    I love this site so so so much :) Cool site!!

  21. Kunal :

    Agree with Naval…..

    let me b like u…………..
    just for one day……….

    and ALL..
    I love this site so so so much :)

  22. Rajeev :

    hi atul bhai.
    aapki likhi huye..shayari ki tarif sabdon me bayan ker na mushkil hi..really awesome..

    god bless u.

  23. Mamatha :

    I would be grateful if you draw my picture

  24. chandan :

    hi atul
    congratulation on having such a master’s skill in you
    i would like to know where do u belongs and if you can draw my skecths and potrait and send it by courier/


  25. Kunal Handa :

    I am back again to see any new entries to your existing superb collection.. I keep on waiting for new sketches on site.. please increase the frequency .. waiting for loads of more sketches

  26. Gautam kumar :

    hi buddy! i am a 3d artist and i will want to learn a sketching like u.
    very nice work u have, keep it uo ;-)

  27. salim :

    hii this is salim here… quite neat work… i wish i could meet you so that we may decide whoz d best… cheerup… i dont like to show off my art unlike u do… so if u r really willin to compete with me contact me on my email id…

  28. Chinmay :

    Came across ur blog while browsing pencil portraits on Internet today….I must say ur work is amazing dude…! By the way check out – I am a big time fan of Matt.

    Keep publishing awe inspiring sketches..!


  29. ashish :

    HI bRO,

    yOU ARE GrEat …And AlL uR SkEtCheS aRE mAsTeRPIeCE.

    kEeP iT uP…..

  30. khushi :

    hi atul
    it was a co incidence.. tht i came across to ur site..
    it is relly very good ‘
    i loved it
    but tell me y u stopped scraping me on orkut
    but anyways just wanted to say … great jobh
    tke care

  31. Kishore.s :

    hi atul bhai !
    I think ur older to me !

    So I heartly wish u making new mountains in future, and showing us another senstional sketch.
    All the best ur brother Kish.

  32. Gajji :

    Hi Atul!

    U r a miracle of destiny…..

  33. ankita :

    hello,i liked ur sketches i tried to imitate the aishwariya rai sketch.if u dont mind can i submit one of my sketches.u r reqested to please tell me my mistakes so that i can improve my drawing.if u want to help me then please please reply me on my e-mail(******** u will help me.

  34. Devika :

    Hi Atul, You are simply the great. Your scketches are mind-blowing. Best wishes to you.

  35. Sunil :

    Hey, Very nice skeches… I liked all..Skech of eye is superb. You have captured all the details nicely.

  36. shilpi roy :

    Hi Atul,
    ur work is awesome… best wishes for ur future…

  37. Tim Champagne :

    I really enjoyed this site. Very nice art.

  38. praveen :

    hi atul u r a very good artist yaar,ur work is excellent u know yaar i too do some artwork u can c it at my site
    and friend. sketch work,pencil work r very very hard it needs so much patience,concentration and accurance and u have shown equal balance of these 3 things in ur works.good
    keep it up. i want u to work with oil and water colours also.
    friend plz visit my site and post ur comment in my guest book. d***_p**** is my yahoo id add it hope to chat with u

    so all the best………..atul

    take care bye

  39. shruti :

    hi great work !!remember me i had asked u long time ago n asked u to sketch me my pic!!can i plz do it for me!!???reply me on my id!!

  40. Reshu :

    Hi Atul,

    Outstanding work.. ….
    Your all paintings are simply superb, awesome……

  41. youwan sharma :

    Dear Atul ji.
    Thanks for the super work and talent you have. I congrates you for your work on behalf of Brahman Maha Sabha Delhi. request you to pl. teach this talent to other students also. Thanking You
    Youwan Sharma
    9911317556,13-Suraj appt. Pul Pahlad Pur,

  42. Deepa :

    Ur works r superb!!!

    Deepa Binoj
    Ripples Creations

  43. Manisha :

    Hi Atul,

    I was searching for sketches of expressive eyes for my blog.. and guess what… where i was searching for one, i found many of your sketches expressing the same feeling what i expressed in my poetry.
    With your permission, i wanted to use some of your sketches in my the below link to chk my blog –
    Also wanted to share that your sketches have revived the sketching abilities in me…:)

    Keep up the good work!!!
    Will await your reply.


  44. SHRINATH :

    Waah…Kyaa baat hai!!! Great to see such a picturesque site online by an Indian. Kudos to you, Atul, for the art work that you are carrying on. I’ve seen some scintillating and thought provoking sketches done by you, here. Bookmarking your site today is going to help me keep up with your fabulous ventures ahead. Keep it up!

    And how about creating something about the still lesser known but most significant part of India- the Southernmost tip of India- The Andaman & Nicobar Islands, tha I am a permanent resident of? Please, do mull over creating something good about the Floating Paradise on Earth.

    A local poet of the Islands has beautifully written—


  45. Dr.Abhay Kumar :

    Amazing. . . Superb. . .

    Nice to find you dear. .

  46. Deepti :

    hi ,

    beautiful and awsome work… would love to learn from u .. do u teach ?… amazing work …:)


  47. anurag :

    U r really a professional in this field>>

    Check few of my cartoons on

  48. Loulwa :

    Hey Atul,
    Love ur work!! It’s amazing!!
    u know I sketch too..
    Well, I actualy LOVE sketching that’s why I hang out at this page alot :D :D
    keep up the gd work dude. It’s gr8

  49. aishwarya :

    hi atul u make such a beautiful sketches is tere any magic in ur hand

  50. faria :

    hi atul
    u r a lovely artist …plz plz plz plz plz make a guddd sketch of rahul khanna …am dying to see ur skills on that guy’s sketch..plz plz

  51. faria :

    hey atul i wish u live in pak ….tc…

  52. Kunal :

    Hey… where are you busy these days…. No New post these days…. plz find some time for your fans yar :-)

  53. Michaela :

    Hi, Atul,

    Your pencil drawings are simply gorgeous.

    Good work!

    Good luck!



    friend aapka work bahut hi accha hain sketches to bahut acche banate hain saath hi aapne jo wallpapers upload kiye hain woh bhi bahut acche hain khaskar loneliness ko darshane wale [:)] shayri bhi aapne bahut hi acchi likhi hain hum to aapke fan ho gaye [:)] keep it up [:)]


    shayri ki dunaiya main wohi kadam rakhte hain
    jo shayri karne ka hunar rakhte hain
    shabo ko piro kar shayri banakar likhne wale aap jaise acche shayar bahut hi kam milte hain[:)]

    apki tareef karne ki ek choti se koshish thi apne sabdo main

  56. pragya :

    hi atul i like ur sketch a lot can u please make a beautiful sketch of sawaraswati mata.

  57. Preeti :

    Hi Atul,
    U r doing a gr8 job. well can u paint my picture????

  58. dinesh1201 :

    Hi Atul. You are really great at sketching. I wish I could draw like you. Best for your future. :)

  59. Smily :

    Hi Atul,
    I m trying to draw sketches like urs.. some time it come like ur.. :) and some time not… :(
    bt ur sketches r awesome. I have one photograph of Madhubala but it isn’t come gud, but i donno how will u draw..that
    keep trying i will also practice from urs….:)
    All the Best..

  60. Simarn :

    Simply impressed by your skills. Hope i also learn good sketch from ur work.
    All the best 4 future.

  61. ssuneeta :

    Ur works r really amazing n awesome…. they really has the life, expression n art in them. Great….!!!

  62. Amit Narkar :

    your work is simply great. keep it up.waiting for your new art work

  63. *d** :

    Hello Atul,

    I just came across your site while i was looking for some sketches for eyes. I have a passion to collect pictures of eyes. I must say here that your sketch named “An Eye” was very beautiful.

    I love people who are creative, and are artists in their own way. Especially the ones who use pencil and paper, because i am one of them. :)

    Take care….

  64. addi :

    vvvveeeeeeeerrrrrrryyy nice bro…….really happy to c dis artwork in a creative way…u hv done d half way gud n i trust dat u’ll go all d wayyyyy!!!
    tk care

  65. yahyalkhatib :

    hi, nice drawing! i like it very much, bro

  66. Nikhil Sharma :


    My friend… since day one if i see it …. long journey and Excellent Success Story to back it with….

    every time i look at his work .. i can not resist myself from saying … Hardwork Pays….

    U ROCK


  67. atulsharma :

    Thanks Nikhil :)

  68. A :

    hi Atul

    ur work is mind blowing.veryy nice

    I am also learning portrait sketching. please visit my blog and give ur honest opinions.. :)


  69. Amit :

    hello brother…..
    bhai tera portal ka sach main jawab nahi……..
    apni destination yaad hai na……..
    keep going with your work……..
    and have a nice world in front of you…….
    great regards for you brother…….

  70. Rajib Sarma :

    Superb work Atul.
    Keep it up.
    All the best.
    – Rajib

  71. Ranjeeta :

    Hi Atul,

    your work is very good. its really very good and keep going on.
    Its inspired me .

    All the Best

  72. veerty :

    well cuty pictures …love them all
    well done mate

  73. sri :

    Hi Atul,

    U’r sketches are very very nice specially ish …… ,and waiting for u arts are really awesome……. keep rocking………


  74. Priya :


    yoo all workss r really niceeee…spclyy the figure sketch…color sketch & that photo 2 sketchh….liked very muchhh…keep it uppp good luckkk[:)]

  75. Josh McBroom :

    Hi my name is Josh McBroom From Indiana, and I am doing a project on a sketch artist and I would love to do it on you i really like your work, I was wondering if this would be alright with you,

    I have a few questions that I need to ask
    1. Who was your inspiration?
    2. How long have you been an artist?
    3. What is your favorite style of art?
    4. Do you have any advise for new artists out there?
    5. Is your art just a free time job or is it an actual profit job?

    Thnx for reading this, please write me back at Josh_mcb**@****.com


  76. Jayashree Subramanian :

    Hey Atul,

    Your work is fabulous! I am an artist myself but never did it full time!! I work on Wall Street but try and do some art once in a while. I work with charcoal, pencil, pastels and paints too!

    Do you mostly sketch from a picture or do you do from memory or abstract as well?

    I am inspired by your work. Keep it up!!



  77. Justin :

    Good work! I like your sketches, keep it up, and thanks for sharing.

  78. Ravinder Sharma :

    hi atul
    congratulation on having such a master’s skill in you
    i love art work

  79. Ravinder Sharma :

    i can give the perfect looks for your excellent painting work
    because i am specialised in framing work
    i am also provide streture and frame to the many famous artist in all over ncr region.

    p.p.sharma & sons moulding supplier

    p.p.sharma photo framing and art gallery

  80. Ramani :

    Hii…your work is superb…really thats so nice, amazing…i was just searching for some pics…and saw ur site…very to see this…All the best, wish you all good luck for ur future. :)

  81. thripura :

    just loved u r art

  82. parshuram :


  83. Dia :

    Hey atul,

    Your pencil sketches are amazing…I was browsing thro’ the net and happened to visit ur art gallery. I read about you and I am really impressed by ur views.Bcoz I too had passion for pencil sketching right from my childhood. I do some sketches wenevr I find time.
    But can u plz tell me how to create a blog and to upload the sketches..I too wanted to hav a blog of my own..

  84. Kunal :

    Great thoughts Follow Your Passion to Your Career… One thing I should say.. Each word in that page fits on you. Keep up the good work.. I am proud of you.. Waiting to see more and more classics.. All The Best.. :)

  85. atulsharma :

    @ Dia
    Thanks Dia for appreciating my work and views. Its great that you also do sketching. i would love to see your work.
    You can create a free blog at Its free and easy to create. If you need any help let me know.
    Thanks again.
    “Make It A Great Day”

    @ Handa Ji :)
    Thank u very much Handa ji :)

  86. varsha :

    Its marvellous n superb.
    Almighty has given u a gift of expressing urself via sketches.
    keep it up!!!

  87. shabeen mohammed :


    loved your work…..i’m an artist or trying to be atleast…great fan of black and white sketching….your work is a great help to me for learning more…keep up the good work.


  88. Pallavi :

    Awesome deal f work…. N I wish u get more fame n appreciation 4 ur arT!!!!

  89. Manish Angrish :

    Hi bro,

    liked ur sketches as well as the poetry- It’s awesome

    Specially the lines–

    …… Ain’t no rainbows shining on me, shades of grey are the colors I see ……

  90. Anuj Chaudhary :


    Your sketchings are Superb!!!!……..keep it up…..

    With warm regards:

  91. ilovekajol :

    Wow,I just got a list of sites and yours was one of them. I think it’s really really awesome that you have this here. It’s really cool Thank you for having this. With love, namrata.

  92. Manish.M.Anand :

    @wsome.. Now, what you have is a gift.. I was searching for shiva drawing for my tattoo and bumped in your site.. Man your work or shiva and ganga is the perfect one.. I have never seen anything like that in my life.. I just loved it.. PLease keep up the good work..

    You rock!!! God Bless.

  93. Khushbu :

    Hi Atul,

    U doind superb man… really brilliant

  94. Shivani :

    Hi Atul,

    Ur work is awesome….. :):)

    I’m regular visitor of ur webpage…. waiting for sum one work..

    Keep rocking :)

  95. Kishan :

    i went through your pencil sketches , its marvelous, some of your sketches were on the net which i saved on my system and sketched it six months ago, it was today that i got your web site, thanks for it.


  96. Pankaj Bhragu :

    Hi Atul

    Your work is very super belonging !
    your work is very fine. Your all paintings are simply super and interested to your work is very sharpness.

    With warm regards:
    Pankaj Bhragu
    Consulting Civil Engineer

  97. Rishi :

    hiiiii atul i m a student but i m interested in shiva image ,
    i was searching for that image ,now i got that but i want it in color and also an imaage with only closer
    look or a closer face in maditation with spread hair of lord shiva.
    plz give me a replay if u can.
    you can answer me on my email-id

  98. golandaaz :

    Great work,

    please visit my blog on cricket and check out some sketches I have there

  99. Faisal Islam :

    awesomme work dude….
    i have recently started pencil sketching( it was my passion from childhood,but couldnt pursue earlier)..can u please help in it by recommending me what type of pencils to use and where… will really be nice of you..

  100. Irfan :

    Hi Atul ,

    Brother… You are doing fantaztic job. Why dont you sell this art and give that money to any charity organisation so that your extraordinary talent will feed some needy. This is my suggesstion to you that if you can do it. I love your work and thought to suggest you. thanks

    Take care


  101. Prathima :

    Hi Atul,
    i was searching for some samples, and found your site, really neat work, inspired, by the fact that you are not trained but still you have done good work. It would be really nice if you could give some tips to start. Keep sketching, have added your site to favorites :)

  102. sharada :

    ur work is worth applauding! needed some inspiration to do some art work. now i got it!!

  103. Radhika :

    Hi Atul,
    Great ideas and passion. Of all the sketches in the gallery, the most i liked and eye catching was “Smoking Kills……..”
    and the inspirating story

  104. Ruchika :

    ur work is excillent!!!!It was a shere delight to go through ur work……would love to know if this has come naturally to u Or u have learnt it????

  105. Bhavna :


    I like your all pictures, now i am fan of you, your pix are superb

  106. Lakshmi :

    Hi Atul,

    Your drawings are wonderful..Keep up the god given talent.

  107. varsha holla :

    i really liked ur gallery.. it’s good.. if i want then can i upload my few paintings also??

  108. Durgesh :

    Atul Saab,
    waiting for your new posts :-)

  109. shikha :

    I just love art
    Can u teach me….

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