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In Search Of Lost Time

Posted by admin on June 11th, 2007

Sketch In Search of Lost Time
Sketch In Search of Lost Time

Sailing silver waves,
through the skies and round your eyes
Insearch of lost time,
with the magic of true light…

My mind was lost anywhere in other dimensions
Time is not moving, the time is creeping
I know I can’t remake all the things I loose
I would live the lost moments I choose

So my heart is standing still
if I can’t feel the tenderness
Without your love inside me
I would leave this world in loneliness

Maybe I will loose myself in time
Maybe I will rest in peace between dimensions
But what is our life without a try?

Now it’s time to leave,
Cause i must give my life a try

And i know, that when i go,
I’m forever lost in time
In search of lost time…

6 Responses to “In Search Of Lost Time”

  1. vijay :

    very nice,GREAT.
    Keep it up.

  2. Rhea :

    These r definitely not ur words. Rite? As Above So Below by the Klaxons…? and Lost Time, Sunterra?? U meshed 2 songs??

  3. atulsharma :

    Yes Rhea u r Right.. These r not my words.. only the sketch is mine..
    i do write a bit of poetry in hindi.. if u wish u can check it out @

  4. ramya :

    now i came to know that u r multi talented that is u r not only a good painter but also a good poet

  5. dinesh :

    Hi Atul,

    Nice work..

    i want to contact with u.. for get information or Tips regarding pencil sketches.
    can u give me tips.. If yes please reply..

  6. Shivani :

    Hey Atul,
    I truly admired your art..I too have an artistic side ,and with your guidance I believe I can do a lot more better .need some fine tips from you..cud you please help me in this..