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Going Alone …

Posted by atulsharma on May 23rd, 2007

Kids Sketch
Kids Sketch
Going Alone Sketch

Sketch Details :

Title      :   Going Alone
Date      :   July, 2000
Artist    :   Atul Sharma
Material Used  :  HB and 6B Pencils, Non-Dust Eraser, Drawing Paper.

5 Responses to “Going Alone …”

  1. Dinah :

    Very nice work!

  2. Gaji :

    Gr8….. ATul!!!!!
    Is that u..when u were a kid? [;)]

  3. Janki :

    Even though I am not that good at sketching but I know kids sketching is a bit difficult job.. too good

  4. :

    I found your topic “Atuls Art Gallery » Blog Archive » Going Alone …” when i was searching for kids wallpaper and it is really intresting for me. If its OK for you i would like to translate your topic and post it on my german blog about kids wallpaper. I link back to your topic of course!

  5. Mardell Rosier :

    I just needed to state that I discovered your website via Goolge and I’m glad I did. Carry on the great job and I’ll make sure to bookmark you for when I have more free time off from the books. Thanks again!