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Sushmita Sen

Posted by atulsharma on March 12th, 2007

Pencil Art
Sketch Sushmita Sen

I tried to draw Sushmita Sen. I know it doesn’t looks like her, not even close to her but i think it was worth trying. What do you say?

Sketch Details :

Title      :   Sushmita Sen
Date      :   June, 2002
Artist    :   Atul Sharma
Material Used  :  Colour Pencil ( Black ), HB, 6B, 2H Pencils, Non-Dust Eraser, Paper A4 Size (A4 = 297 x 210 mm = 11.7 x 8.3 in).

5 Responses to “Sushmita Sen”

  1. kanwaljit singh rathore :

    hi atul
    u have sketched sushmita but really yaar it does,nt seems like her.saying frankly it was not a good piece of work. I think
    if ur sketch is good it does,nt need an intro, whose sketch it is.

  2. Jayuuuuu :

    I got scared

  3. mugheera :

    yess Atul it os a very good try,,,,u r tremendous in sketching…………

  4. sophie :

    love your sketches, i think you did a fab job with sketching sushmita she isnt an easy face to sketch i think ashwariya is simpler to sketch, sushmita has some very striking features that are hard to capture, i think uve done a grand job but the nose was a little bit big for her face hers is more sharper

  5. sonia :

    heyy..i think its realy nice …deznt matter who u drew as long as its gud!!